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Hello all – Welcome to the 2015 – 2016 School year! We just began our 4th marking period and had some awesome student-led conferences on Jan. 28!

NEW HW POLICY – Beginning Monday, Feb. 1, homework will be given daily. This is a building-wide change requested by Mr. LeSuer and affects the math department only. Your child will continue to receive homework in other classes on the normal rotation. To reflect the added emphasis on HW, homework will be weighted at 30% of the final grade. Classwork stays at 30%, and Assessments will be at 40%. REMINDER: The new grading scale is for MATH CLASSES ONLY.

MATH IN CAREERS – To help expose the students to the possibilities of math, start asking your students about their warm-up every Monday. Beginning Feb. 1, a new career will be profiled. The students will watch a short video clip and read a short article that describes the education/training needed, salary information, and other job-related information. Students will reflect and write each week. First up, air traffic controllers!

If you are here for CROSS COUNTRY INFORMATION, email me at or visit for more information.

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MATHCOUNTS – Click the tab above for more information! We are meeting after school on FRIDAYS (until 4 pm)! We are in high-gear for our district competition on Friday, Feb. 5! You are invited to check out for this national organization’s website. Anyone who enjoys a mathematical challenge should check this out! You don’t need to fill out any special forms. Just come to our meetings!